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Chris Parker & "Wow!" Break 7 Yards Per Second in Dog Agility!!!

Not an easy feat in dog agility, Chris Parker and her homebred 5 year old Border Collie AKC Agility Champion "Wow!" run an agility course in 7.15 yards per second winning a very competitive AKC agility jumpers with weaves class! Next her homebred 8 year old Border Collie AKC Agility Champion "Yikes!" runs the same agility jumpers with weaves course just a few tenths of a second behind Wow! winning 2nd place!
To view other dog agility and dog training videos from Speedoggie visit our YouTube channel:
Speedoggie's Dog Agility Contact Obstacle Training Program

Chris provides all her own dogs, as well as her student's dogs, with customized agility contact training programs
designed around their dog's individual breed's structural characteristics as well as tailoring agility training
for each agility handler's physical abilities.

Running contacts, stopping contacts and moving contacts... Chris' has competed at the highest levels of competition with dogs she has trained in all styles of contacts. Every dog is an individual and each handlers abilities needs to be considered when deciding on which performance style to train. Chris puts her focus on safety and independent performance when training contact obstacles. From up contacts thru the balanced navigation of the planks, to the end position, each piece of the performance is developed and nurtured in a way the dog can easily understand and perform free of stress and confusion.

Here are some photos of Chris Parker's dogs demonstrating their outstanding dogwalk, seesaw and aframe contact obstacle performances. To learn more about Chris' dog agility training programs visit her
Bio Page

Speedoggie's Dog Agility Jump Training Program

Chris is a pioneer in developing and proving methods that produce dogs of any breed, size and temperament who can run, play and enjoy the sport of agility well into their advanced senior years while remaining sound, healthy and vibrant. Her dog agility jumping program is also designed around each dog's individual breed's structural characteristics.

Here are some photos of Chris Parker's dogs demonstrating the signature jumping styles of the Speedoggie Dog Agility Jump Training Program. To learn more about Chris' dog agility training programs visit her Bio Page

Chris' dogs demonstrate excellent jumping form, from their take off/set point thru their jumping arch and bascule, to their landing point and lead changes. Chris' jump training program produces accurate, safe and efficient jumpers who use minimal effort to execute a turn. Chris' focus is on safety and focusing the flow of energy thru the turn to limit stress and wear on the dogs body aiding in a long and enjoyable career.

Speedoggie's World Record Weaves!

Chris' weave pole training system produces dogs with consistent footwork in the weave poles as well as fast, independent performances. To learn more about Chris' proven system of training weave poles that won her a Guinness World Record for Dog Weaving over 10 years ago (the record still stands to this day), view her training articles here: Philosophies Page

In these photos Chris Parker's Border Collie "Wow!" demonstrates one of the multiple footwork methods of navigating the weave poles. "Wow!" is "single striding" the weave poles with both his front and rear legs. This footwork method works well for medium sized dogs but its not the best method for all dogs. Chris evaluates each dogs individual size, structure and flexibility when determining the safest, most efficient method of teaching weaves. Training methods include: Weave-A-Matic, channels, guide wires, 2x2, free shaping, luring, targeting, and more.


Chris Parker and her five time dog agility champion "Mayhem"
focusing before their agility competition.

Chris Parker & AKC & USDAA Dog Agility Champion "Mayhem" with his signature "chicken"
which he carried to the rings with him every time he competed in dog agility.

Chris Parker will once again represent the USA in
International Agility Competition!

Chris Parker, with two of her dogs "Mayhem" and his son "Wow!", will represent the USA at the European Open World Agility Championships! This will be Chris' third time representing the United States at the World Championship level. Chris and her Border Collie "Mayhem" competed on the AKC/USA World Agility Team in Montichiari, Italy and Dortmund, Germany at the FCI World Agility Championships. In Germany, Chris and Mayhem finished 10th in the world in the Agility class.
Chris' homebred Agility Champion Border Collie "Yikes!" wins 2nd place in the ISC Standard Round at the AKC Agility National Championships!


Chris Parker and her Border Collie "Mayhem" Win USDAA/Cynosport
World Championship $10,000 Steeplechase Finals

First Place Chris Parker & Mayhem, Second Place Marcus Topps & Juice, Third Place Jen Pinder & Static

Chris & Mayhem WIN the AKC/USA World Team Tryouts!!

  Chris and Mayhem will once again represent the USA at the FCI World Agility Championships.
They were members of the team that competed in Dortmund, Germany where Chris and Mayhem placed
10th in the world in the Individual Agility Class.

Chris Parker's Golden Retriever "Cajun" wins Third Place in the Veterans Grand Prix at USDAA/Cynosport World Championships

Chris Parker's Speedoggies at the Border Collie Society of America
(BCSA) National Dog Agility Specialty

Chris and her Speedoggies at the BCSA National Dog Agility Speciality.
Front row: Mayhem / Back row (left to right): Yikes!, Chris Parker & Dig-It!, Wow!